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HP Service

Our Service charge is a flat $90 plus parts.

No travel charges.

No charge for a second trip if required.

98% of repairs are completed within 8 business hours.

1 year warranty on the replaced part(s) including labor.

Warranty for consumable parts such as fusers and rollers is limited by HP’s specified life.



We supply toner and ink cartridges for all the major brands of printers both OEM and remanufactured.

Bill Stevens was a member of ASTM International and served on the F05 Committee. This committiee developed the test protocol used to determine the performance of remanufactured toner cartridges.   ASTM F1856 (Also reference STMC)

Thus, we understand the remanufacturing process in theory and practice. We know that not all remanufactured toner cartridges are created equal.  We also know how to test and select the highest performance cartridges.

Our prices are competitive, and our cartridges warranted.   


We Are Unique

Our President, Bill Stevens, is the former Chief Operating Officer and Director of R&D at Random Corporation with 10 patents in the fields of nuclear medical diagnostic equipment, hospital beds, nuclear particle detection et al.

Newwave Technologies, Inc was conceived to bring high technology analysis and manufacturing techniques to the field of business printing with the specific goal of providing our customers with the lowest cost of printing without compromising quality or reliability.

Using analytical techniques, data derived from over 300 million printed pages and 1,000’s of toner cartridges, we were able to optimize the printing process.

Bottom Line: Companies who print medium to high volume can save considerable money over conventional print strategies.

Yes, we can fix your printer when it breaks

Yes, we can supply you with toner and ink cartridges,

BUT we can do so much more

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